The Talaria Backpack

A Full-Featured, ~ 40 liter, Ultralight and Frameless Backpack

Made for the ultralight hiker and backpacker, the Talaria backpack is built with efficiency, comfort and flexibility in mind. A well-fitting pack that carries weight close to your body’s center of gravity can feel like wings on your feet.

As an ultralight style backpack, the Talaria is best suited for on-trail and moderate off-trail adventures. The Talaria is designed to comfortably carry backpacking base weights between 6 to 12 lbs, or total pack weights between 12 – 20 lbs, depending on your preferences. A separate backpack liner is highly recommended if any moisture is anticipated because while the fabric is waterproof, the seams are not taped or sealed.


Backpack # 7, torso length medium-large: $150 with free CONUS shipping.

Backpack # 7 (black and gray leather) – click images to view:


  • Tapered and curved side panels, to conform snugly to the contour of your back and move the load closer to your body.
  • 3” wide, S-shaped shoulder straps with long daisy chain for accessories.
  • Torso length of 20″, measured from the shoulder strap where it attaches to the backpack to the center of the hip belt attachment loop. Backpack sizing varies from person to person, but this torso length would be considered a “medium-large” by most people. If you normally prefer a medium size in a framed backpack, then you may prefer the slightly longer medium-large torso length for a frameless backpack like the Talaria.
  • Integrated 3/4″ hip belt with wings and removable sternum strap.
  • Side pockets fit two Smartwater bottles side by side. Pocket rims have sturdy, adjustable and removable 1/8” shock chords – open the rims wide for easy access, or tighten them down to protect items from escaping. Pockets are slanted for easier access while hiking, flat-bottomed (with drain holes) for maximum volume and solid-fabric to prevent snagging by trailside vegetation.
  • Large front pocket with pleated bottom and drain hole. The pocket rim has sturdy, adjustable and removable 1/8” shock chord.
  • Dry-bag style roll-top closure is tapered with wider opening for easy packing, unpacking and viewing of pack contents. The collar secures with two evenly spaced snaps in the middle, plus Linloc-3 male adjustable side-release buckles at each side.
  • Compression chords on both side panels. The top of each chord has female Linlocs to cinch down the extension collar. The bottom of each chord has a mitten hook – this allows the chords to be clipped to any of the loops in many different configurations, or completely removed or replaced.
  • Multiple attachment loops on the side panels, each fitted with easy-glide rings for volume compression. The lowest side panel loop is at waist belt level, to facilitate attaching belt accessories such as gear pouches.
  • Additional attachment loops on the pack’s front and back panels. Can be used for improvising a bungee system. Includes an ice axe loop and shorter loop for poles or accessories.
  • Removable and adjustable sit pad retention chord made with low-profile 3/32” shock chord. Best for sit-pads or folded sleep pads approximately 10″ wide and 20″ tall.


  • Backpack, sternum strap, side compression chords (2) and back panel pad retention shock chord.


  • Main panels and roll-top are X-pac LS-07, gray leather.
  • Bottom and high stress areas: X-pac X-21 RC, black.
  • Front pocket: X-21 RC bottom and top rim for protection, with OWF Medium Hand mesh in the middle.
  • Shoulder straps: 3mm 3-D spacer mesh undersides, X-21 RC fronts, and OWF 1/4” closed cell foam cores.


  • Backpack with removable side compression straps: 11.0 oz
  • Removable sternum strap: 0.7 oz
  • Removable pad retention strap: 0.3 oz
  • Total combined weight: 12.0 oz


  • Main body: 25L
  • Roll-top: 6.1L
  • Side pockets: 2.2L each, or 4.4L total for both
  • Front pocket: 4L
  • Total combined volume: 40L

Main Body Dimensions:

  • Height: 24”
  • Width: 10″
  • Thickness: 6.5″ average

Examples of other Taleria Backpacks: